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With adequate preparation and study, your exam will be stress-free and pleasant. Here is some useful technique that will help you survive your exam with less stress-free and sanity. In fact, studying for a few hours in a few weeks is much more beneficial than trying to cram in just for a few days.

You need to determine the amount of time and you can set aside per day. You need to stick with that schedule. Try to memorize Try to repeat the study course materials continually. The more you clear the concept, the quicker you will able to recall its meaning and how it interrelates with other concepts.

One simple way to remember the entire concept is to read freely and recite the material like an actor is preparing for a play. You can even take one step further and write what you are learning on a paper. This will give you an extra visual reinforcement through your handwriting, allows extra time for you to absorb the information as a result of the time to write it down. Try to take a break after an hour, this will help you clear your mind and allow the material to set. You need to get up, walk around or grab some coffee.

Do anything that will refresh your mind and energy. Reinforce through review Before moving to your next chapter or section, you also need to review everything that you just read in the previous section to reinforce the understanding.

This will further commit the material to memory. You can do this either before or after the break. Give the reward to yourself You should reward yourself for staying focused and steadfast during your study session.

You can do this at the end of the day or during your study break. You also can respond to that text message, check your social networking profile or grab some food. These rewards will give you great motivation for a job well done and will also help you in making the entire learning more enjoyable. Plan your setback Daily responsibility will always find its way into your study schedule. It is always a smart decision to take a little extra time to be completely prepared than to rush into the exam.

Each exam is different from another exam so keep all the concepts fresh in your mind so that you can clear your paper in your next attempt.


Life License Qualification Program (LLQP)

This is the model for all exams written as of November 7, You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are unable to attend the exam or arrive late You are ineligible because your certification status is not updated by the deadline You fail to produce the required Identification at the exam You need to be removed for failing to abide by the expected conduct during the exam Note: A little birdie called Google told us that all of you really needed some practice LLQP exam questions. The test centres will assess the impact of any technical issues to determine the most appropriate course of action for each candidate. Your browser is out of date.



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