There he should either mount a tree or a small hillock with his weapons ready. Manasollasa english — Поиск по картинкам — [RED] Persian text and translation in English These cocks should be made to fight for five successive Mondays. Then comes the Dhupabhoga. Work of the same class is being done in Mysore, Travancore, Kashmir, Benares, and elsewhere, but the organisation at Baroda appears to lead. Signs of bad horses are then given. Compare with this the rules like the following as found in medical works: The king has to perform this Vastupuja before building the palace and thereafter annually after the building is completed.

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Goshicage When a falcon is attracted it usually sits on these sticks and is unable to move. Of the third variety also he has mentioned some kinds. On one side of the elephant is kept a group of she-elephants and on the other a group of horses is kept, while the arena is cleared of human beings. Kincaid, Charles; Parasanisa, Dattatraya But on the other hand, the runner who leaves the track fixed for running and goes astray or takes to a zigzag nanasollasa or who is caught by the elephant is said to be defeated.

Brhaspati Smrti, being a reconstructed text of the now lost work of Brhaspati: The necessity of having a in the palace and the passage i. The stanzas have also been numbered incorrectly manasolasa some pages. In a Nataka the hero according to him should be Dhirodatta.

Nyayapravesa, Part I Sanskrit Text: I, The elephant then turns to the spectators in the arena and kills some of them with his feet, tusks or by the sweep of his trunk. Royal Life in Manasollasa — English Hardcover For this purpose excellent areca nuts are obtained from places like Vanavasi. It goes from below the shoulders and the tops of the hands. Rangaswami Aiyangar, Hindu University, Benares, 6. Manasollassa he describes the ornaments with pearls and precious stones and deals with separate ornaments for men and women.

Usually thirty-two years should be the age of average wrestlers. Dhruva is the first among the sixteen and Vijaya is the last among them. It is noteworthy that the Silparatna part 2 in the TrivaDditun Series gives the kanasollasa, horse and elephant for examples but one of them i. All emails englixh be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia.

Second revised edition by Swami Tirvik- rama Tirtha, In the same way, he should please the princes, ministers, warriors, officers, scholars, favourites and those who can amuse and excite mirth! For the four symbols of Visnu the author here has used abbreviations: Then comes the Pakja i. The exact copy of an object as we find in a refl,ection is named by him as Viddha while mere resemblance is called Aviddha. If a thief with his enlish tied runs I, Cy. He should issue another proclamation inviting good runners to take part in the sport by running with the elephant in return for money- After taking meals he should dress himself and put on ornaments, send proper dress to the princes, their wives and to his tributary princes, and go along with his queen and ladies of the manadollasa to the arena on an elephant in the afternoon when the sun is setting.

The oil and turmeric are then removed with warm water and the body is rubbed vigorously with a dry towel. The liberator after reciting a particular Mantra should allow one cock, which is white or black and which has been successful in a previous fight to enter.

The elephants with the help of medicines should attain only the first five external stages of anger- Medicines should not be used so as to lead them to the sixth or the seventh stage because in these stages the madness may lead the elephant to fatal results. Then comes Kandapataja or hunting by means of screens surrounding a tent. The queen and other companions should stay in the Mandapa reserved for distinguished guests.

Nanjarajayasobhusana ; by Nrsimhakavi alias Abhi- nava Kalidasa, a work on Sanskrit Poetics and relates to the glorification of Nanjaraja, son of Vlrabhupa of Mysore: May his soul rest in peace! Complete but full of mistakes. Medicines should be given to the elephants for making engliah excited. One ahgula below is the Kacotsahga-sutra which goes from near the eyebrows, the upper end of the ear to the Sirsakurma occiput. At the most the fight can take place twelve times.

Atman alone is undoubtedly the dearest as is evident to everyone. Many names appear as being current in Canarese, Tamil, etc. Pointing at every step to Brahmavidya the Mahavakyartha the basic but hidden experience the endeavour of the hymn is to establish the ardent seeker in Sarvatmatva as proclaimed by the hymn itself.

The author next deals with Nyayasastra. On a stormy day when a herd of deer is seen the king should go with some eight or ten hunters in the opposite direction of the wind in order that the herd may not get any scent of them.

Thus dressed he, adored by the audience, should enter the arena. Most Related.


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