B-2 Steel Bushings. B-3 Standard Bushings. B-4 Weld-On Hubs. B-5 QD Short Bushings. B-7 —

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Your privacy is important and we will not sell your e-mail address. Martin Sprockets Martin manufactures a wide variety of stock and custom sprockets, in a variety of materials, bores, and configurations.

Standard sprockets include bolt-on shear pin sprockets, solid and split detachable hubs in cast iron or steel, all steel instant split sprockets, torque limiter clutches, and double pitch sprockets.

Metric Sprockets are also available in a wide variety of sizes. Martin Spur and Rack Gears Martin Spur Gears, available in five styles, including steel in plain style and plain style with hub, cast furnished, cast plain with hub, web with lightening holes and spoke. Martin Cast Gears are machined on all operating surfaces and are cast with a larger hub for extra strength and to allow for larger bore sizes. Martin Rack Gears are made from low carbon cold drawn steel and are available in two different pressure angles and 3 different lengths.

Custom Rack Gears are also available in different materials, sizes, and pitches. A slight misalignment of gears is allowable due to the localized tooth bearing running lengthwise along the gear tooth. Martin Stock Miter Gears are manufactured from. Martin Worm Gears are available with single, double, or quadruple threads and usually made of steel for worms and bronze or cast iron for gears. When steel worms are run with bronze gears at high speeds, the worm is usually hardened with ground threads.

QD Bushings made of stainless steel are available in a wide variety of sizes and are reborable. Their small size and the convenience and advantages of Taper Bushed construction make them of great value on many devices for use on shafts.

They are split through the barrel and have a taper to a true clamp on the shaft. Atmus is not responsible for errors in language translation. Box , Springfield, MA U.


Martin Sprocket & Gear



Martin Sprocket & Gear – Power Transmission, Material Handling, and HandTools


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