Kazibar Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whatever treasure in this world or in other worlds; or whatever precious jewel ratana suthraya sinhala in the heavens, none is equal to the Buddha. For one who has attained to right view, three fetters are at once abandoned: Whatever beings are assembled here, whether on the earth or in the raatna, may all these beings have happy minds. May there be well-being! In the Dhamma is this precious jewel. Gifts given to them yield abundant fruit.

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Then in the forenoon the Blessed One having dressed himself, took bowl and double robe, and entered the city of Savatthi for alms. Now at that time a fire was burning, and an offering was being prepared in the house of the brahman Aggikabharadvaja. The brahman seeing the Blessed One some way off, said this: "Stay there, you shaveling, stay there you wretched monk, stay there you outcast. It is good if Venerable Gotama were to explain the Dhamma to me so that I may know who an outcast is and what the conditions are that make an outcast.

By deed one becomes an outcast, by deed one becomes a brahman. Many were the warriors kshatriyas and brahmans who went to attend on him. There are brahmans born in the family of preceptors, kinsmen of veda hymns. In this life itself they are despised, in the next they are born in an evil state of existence. High birth does not prevent them from falling into a woeful state, or from censure.

Just as, O Venerable Gotama, a man was to set upright what had been overturned, or were to reveal what had been hidden, or were to point the way to one who had gone astray, or were to hold an oil lamp in the dark so that those with eyes may see things, even so in many ways has the Venerable Gotama expounded the Dhamma, the doctrine.

May the Venerable Gotama accept me as a lay follower who has taken refuge from this day onwards while life lasts. The brahman had just prepared his offering to the great Brahma, his God, when his eyes fell on Buddha.

To the brahman the sight of a samana, a shaven-headed recluse, was an unlucky sign. Hence, he burst into angry words. The Buddha, however, was unruffled and spoke to him quietly in words of soft cadence. The brahman apparently was ashamed, and repenting of his folly, addressed the Buddha courteously. Twice-born is a reference to birds since they first come out as an egg, and when hatched a complete bird is born.


කරණීයමෙත්ත සූත්‍රය. ( Karaniya Metta Sutta )

Tojinn It explains the exact qualities of the Buddha, the Dhamma—his teachings, and the Sangha—his enlightened disciples. That purity praised sibhala the Buddha called concentration with immediate result; that concentration has no equal. For one who has attained to right view, three fetters are at once abandoned: Etena saccena suvatthi hotu! In the Buddha is this precious jewel. The Ratana Sutta is chanted daily throughout Theravada Buddhist countries. Show kindness to those humans who, by day and by night, offer much merit to you. Listen closely to my words.


රතන සූත්‍රය සිංහල තේරුම – RATHANA SUTHRAYA with SINHALA Meaning



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