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In an interview with Sanchari Bhattacharya, Mohanty, formerly a copy editor with rediff. Do you think there is a reader base for such comic books in India? If initial feedback to our first issue is anything to go by, very many people have picked it up just because they found the concept intriguing.

Besides, something as pervasive as the Ramayana will never be ignored in India. Indians have partaken of mythological fare in the form of Amar Chitra Katha for a long time. Entire generations have grown up reading those tales.

More recently, ventures such as Virgin Comics brought Hindu mythology to audiences at home and abroad in a brand new light. What is the target audience for Ravanayan? Which age group are you aiming at? We have aimed Ravanayan at above audiences. This is mostly because of the tone of the story and some visual elements.

To children younger than 15 or probably 13 it may not make as much sense as it would to people between the ages of 15 and Given that the primary topics being explored in our story are morality and the meaning of right and wrong, we think that is only fair to say. The Ramayana finds its culmination at the end of an epic war.

Depicting violence for the sake of violence is something I scoff at, but as a writer, I also need to make some room for the demands of the medium -- comic books, in this case. My artist partner and co-creator of Ravanayan, Vivek Goel, learned his craft from American comics and his way of visually telling a story is very much rooted in the slam-bang action tradition. While Vivek has had to learn to pay more attention to expressions and panoramic views, I have had to learn to fit my narrative into a succession of action sequences.

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