The publisher is August Home Publishing Company. It looks like you did a very good job on this. This is going in my favorites file. Glad to see someone made it and appreciate the comments of changes made especially.

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For the Shop 26 When I set out to make my router table, I decided early on that I wanted to include a router lift. It makes it easy to raise and lower the router without having to reach underneath, and bits can be changed from the top of the table.

Lots of Lifts I looked at a lot of different lifts. He puts a lot of work into his plans are they incredibly detailed and accurate. On the other end of the home-made spectrum, Weekend Workshop on You Tube made an intriguing router lift using a car jack!

I decided to go in between these two and built a lift that was featured in issue of Shop Notes magazine. It is a pretty simple concept, but was definitely a challenge to my skills. It works really well. Shop Plans I wanted to provide a link to the plan. I contacted Shop Notes and strangely, they have no way to buy the plan online or even to buy the issue it was in! Uh, it was this year…January, Really old skool. They have a lot of great projects and it seems to me like they are really missing the boat on this one.

Even the Shop Notes web site is pretty lame. There are people selling back issues.

320MX 2 PDF

ShopNotes Issue 121



ShopNotes 1992-2007


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