Add your rating See all 5 kid reviews. In essays for school and a time-capsule contest, Gratuity Tucci describes her cross-country road trip with a Boov alien she calls J. The Earth has been invaded, her mother kidnapped, and all Americans are herded into a reservation in Arizona. From there she and J.

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Of course, The Cuckoolander Was Right. It describes how she died at the age of at the opening of the time capsule she sent her essay to. Does This Remind You of Anything? Putting the humans on reservations. Easily Thwarted Alien Invasion : the Gorg are extremely allergic to cats. They try to remedy this by killing any and all cats on the planet.

Embarrassing First Name : Gratuity, so named because her mom did not know what Gratuity meant when she was born, as well as J. Lo, who learned his pop culture from TV. Flying Saucer : A fake one. With a real one hidden inside. Founding Day : The titular Smekday is an anniversary of when the Boov declared Earth a colony, renamed it "Smekland" in honor of their glorious Captain Smek , and forced all Americans to relocate to Florida via rocketpod.

Gender-Blender Name : J. Lo, a male alien named for a female pop star. The fact that his species has seven genders only serves to make everyone more confused. Ghetto Name : Gratuity. Her friends call her Tip. Platonic Life-Partners : Quite literally; J. Knightof Cerebus : The Gorg. While Tip has made jokes about the Boov while still painting them as scary, the Gorg are mostly terrifying. Magical Native American : The Chief is a subversion of sorts of this.

Next Sunday A. The Boov are said to have at least Fun Shirts , nursery rhymes, and comic books. Their television, on the other hand, became too advanced, to the point where there were far more shows and channels than any Boov could watch and the Boov leaders finally cracked down on it after making dire predictions.

Tip points out that this is much the same attitude Earth authorities have toward television. Non-Human Sidekick : both J. Patently false, as the Boov are neither a Dying Race nor biologically compatible in any way with humans. Overly Long Gag : Four full pages of nothing but the word "meow.


The True Meaning of Smekday

Plot summary[ edit ] The story is narrated in first person by a year-old girl in eighth grade, and takes the form of a school-assigned essay intended for submission to a national competition, and expected to be stored in a time capsule to be opened in years. The protagonist is Gratuity "Tip" Tucci, who must survive on her own at age 11, after her mother is abducted by an alien race called the Boov. The entire Boov population arrives in a fleet of ships on Christmas Eve, and use their advanced technology to take over the Earth without bloodshed. On "Moving Day", when all humans are required by the Boov to relocate to Florida , Tip evades being transported by the Boov, and instead drives the family car to Florida in search of her mother.

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Start your review of The True Meaning of Smekday Write a review Shelves: award-nominee-andre-norton , audiobook , ya , , invasion , world-in-the-shitter , comfort-food Before reading Adam Rexs delicious banquet of pop culture skewers dipped in saucy social commentary and served alongside a heaping helping of warm, filling comfort food, the phrase "I love J. Now, Im not referring to "Ms. Diva from the Block junky trunk", but rather the sweetest, charmingest, most Booviful Boov ever to invade Earth in search of oranges and urinal cakes: Smekday is definitely a feel gooder with smarts. The winner of the contest will have their essay placed in a time capsule to be opened in years.





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