A new series, modeled on the Loeb Classical Library, has the aim of presenting Indian writing to English readers. The series is called the "Murty Classical Library of India" after Rohan Narayana Murty, a PhD in computer science and intellectual polymath, who generously donated money to fund the project. As stated on its Website, the Murty Classical Library "aims to make available the great literary works of India from the past two millennia. Many classic Indic texts have never reached a global audience, while others are becoming increasingly inaccessible even to Indian readers. The creation of a classical library of India is intended to reintroduce these works to a new generation of readers".

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I have cut men and gods out of my life. For all the compelling language and power of some of these poems, others seem more like aphorisms, stories, or religious instruction than poetry.

Stock phrases and even stock stanzas appear again and again. It torments me. Enjoy the flowering woods. Sweetness falls from the tall trees. Flower pollen whirls all around. The beginning of spring is a time of joy.

The treetops are in blossom and they call out when the wind shakes them. These are instances in which the poem is asserting itself despite the intention of the poet. It is not only poetry that Murcott is concerned with here. She lost this battle, but later she successfully challenged the monastic regulation that a monk could not visit a sick nun. The Buddha himself came to her side as she was dying. Please try again. Explore timeless teachings through modern methods.

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