Email The Manual of Freediving was co-authored by Umberto Pelizzari a retired competitive freediver, 16 time world record holder, and founder of the Apnea Academy and Stefano Tovaglieri Freedive instructor trainer at the Apnea Academy and director for the Italian National freedive team. They not only updated and added new components and techniques to the first edition, but created a text book you can expect to revisit throughout your freediving career. You might even be inclined to take notes. The detailed drawings throughout the book really help to clear up some of the complex topics that are covered. Amazing tips I tried each one for relaxation on land and in the water.

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Add this product to cart to estimate your shipping costs. Omer products have some shipping limitations out of European Union. Any question about this product? Contact us! Description Details This is the definitive guide, illustrated and up to date, for the aspiring apneist. From theory to practice this manual will accompany the reader in the discovery of a fascinating sport. It is a manual that should not be missing from the itinerary of any diver apneist or otherwise who wishes to improve their techniques of respiration, swimming and diving whilst broadening knowledge and theory.

To the reader, freediver or instructor One evening several years ago, in the swimming pool of a village in the Milanese hinterland where an apnea course was being held, it befell us to see the following scene.

This manual was created to cover such a gap and to become a tool of communication between student and teacher. In these pages we have tried to gather together all the knowledge that in recent years has contributed to the changing methodology of apnea.

Much of the wisdom is fruit of our experiences; we have learnt both from our mistakes and from our successes, and our intention is to put this learning at the disposal of future apneists. Manual of Freediving is also the fruit of the labour of instructors at the Apnea Academy, the international school of apnea founded in , which in recent years has become a theoretical and practical laboratory of the highest level.

For years we have accumulated contributions from those that teach apnea, until at the end we found ourselves with something approaching a manual that formed the original nucleus of this book.

Above all, for our part we will feel fulfilled if with this work we manage to infect the reader with at least a small part of our passion for the sea and for apnea.

Anyone expecting a manual that deals solely with physical technique may be disappointed although clearly this is included. We make the assumption that apnea is fi rst of all a mental sport. The mind must be trained to a greater extent than the body, and for some this will represent a radical change from the normal way of practicing and thinking about this sport. You can rest assured that in some way this will also change your way of life out of the water.

Manual of Freediving does not take the place of an instructor. Consider instead that you have at your disposal a new learning instrument that you can adapt to your use, according to your technical level and to your ability in the water. We have built a sort of teaching path, beginning with the theory fi rst and second parts and fi nishing with the practical third part.

However each reader may use and read this manual according to their own curiosity and needs. Our work on paper ends here. Umberto Pelizzari.

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Review: Manual of Freediving – Underwater On a Single Breath (2nd Edition)



Manual of Freediving: Underwater on a Single Breath



Manual of Freediving


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