Briloner Leuchten GmbH, Im Kissen 2, D Brilon, Germany grant a 2-year guarantee on the product from when the product is handed over to the first retail purchaser, which must be verified by a retailer receipt. Die Garantieleistung erfolgt durch Instandsetzung bzw. The guarantee covers the workmanship and performance of the product and we will rectify all parts or components, which fail due to faulty workmanship or faulty material. During the guarantee period we will eliminate, any defects on the product resulting from faults in material or workmanship either by repairing or exchanging with a product of our choice. The guarantee does not include any components which are subject to wear and tear, for example lamps or damage which is caused by improper use, installation or maintenance.

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Next skip Technik die begeistert Technology that inspires Das schont nicht nur die Umwelt, sondern spart auch Ressourcen ein. Briloner today uses powerful, sometimes even dimmable LEDs with brilliant light output, high energy efficiency and long lifetime. In addition, the resulting sustainability helps to protect the environment and save resources. LED requires much less energy than standard bulbs to produce the same amount of light.

Therefore, in addition, the brightness of the lamp is shown in units of lumens lm. Light Colour, Kelvin K Kelvin is the colour temperature of the unit, which describes the colour of light. It is a basic distinction between warm white less than 3, K , neutral white K and cool white 5, K. Ra values greater than 80 indicate good to very good color rendering properties. In other words the switching durability must be at least half of the lighting hours.

Damit bringen wir unseren Beitrag zur Verbesserung der lokalen Arbeitsbedingungen zum Ausdruck. Diese Standards sichern wir nachhaltig! This means that we are actively contributing to the improvement of local working conditions. We are opposed to any kind of child labour or violation of human rights or labour laws in the production facilities for our products as a matter of principle.

We assure these standards sustainably! Nous garantissons durablement ces standards! Diffusor incl.


Briloner Leuchten LED-Steckerleuchte, LEDs/3W





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