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Collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration Good clinical practice GCP is an international ethical and scientific quality standard for designing, recording and reporting trials that involve the participation of human subjects. Compliance with this standard provides public assurance that the rights, safety and wellbeing of trial subjects are protected and that clinical-trial data are credible. The protection of clinical trial subjects is consistent with the principles set out in the Declaration of Helsinki.

This is a statement of ethical principles developed by the World Medical Association. It was first published on 20 March The updated version also incorporates changes in other sections, in particular on communicating with authorities, informed consent and the distribution of investigational medicines. For more information, see: the World Medical Association. Clinical trials conducted in countries outside the EU The number of clinical trials and clinical-trial subjects outside Western Europe and North America has been increasing for a number of years.

The Agency has been tracking the geographic origins of patients included in pivotal trials submitted in marketing authorisations to the centralised procedure. For more information, see the overview of patient recruitment and the geographical location of investigator sites.

The aim of the paper is to strengthen existing processes to provide assurance to regulators and stakeholders that clinical trials meet the required ethical and GCP standards, no matter where in the world they have been conducted. These challenges are addressed in a two-fold manner, by: putting forward concrete steps for international cooperation between regulatory authorities in the regulation of clinical trials, with a specific emphasis on capacity-building initiatives for a common approach to oversight of trials and to ensure a robust framework for the oversight and conduct of clinical trials; clarifying and determining the practical steps by which EU regulators will gain assurance that ethical and GCP standards are applied to clinical trials for human medicines, both during the development and during the marketing-authorisation-application phase.

The development of this paper followed on from the publication of the strategy paper on acceptance of clinical trials conducted in third countries and an international workshop in September The Working Group meets on a regular basis at the Agency. Collaboration with the Food and Drug Administration 1. The initiative forms an important contribution to ensuring the protection of clinical-trial subjects in the context of the increasing globalisation of clinical research.

The initiative began with a pilot phase that ran between September and March It demonstrates how the agencies can work together to improve human subject protection and better ensure the integrity of data submitted as the basis for drug approvals. Based on the positive experience, EMA and the FDA intend to continue with the initiative, incorporating lessons learned during the pilot.

For more information, see: Applicants interested in volunteering to take part in a collaborative inspection during the pilot phase should contact the EMA or the FDA.

EMA-EU MSs-FDA initiative on inspections for generic applications In light of the successful implementation of the joint GCP inspections pilot initiative, the EMA, the FDA and the regulatory authorities in some EU Member States agreed to launch a joint initiative to collaborate on the sharing of information and conduct of inspections of bioequivalence studies submitted in support of marketing-authorisation applications for generic medicines.

The objectives and the Terms of engagement for this initiative. The initiative began with an month pilot phase running between January and June A report on its outcome will be made available.

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