Gushura The fire arrow motif was handled deftly. Preview — Fire Arrow by Edith Pattou. Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: She acheives this, but does not feel happy like she thought she would. Characterization was believable and honest. I ship Brie and Collun!

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Lists Official i. They are both sweeping tales of adventure and magic, set in 16th century Europe. She has also written the New York Times bestselling picture book Mrs. She was born in Evanston, Illinois, grew up in Winnetka, and was a teenager in the city of Chicago where she attended Francis W. Parker School. She completed her B. She has worked for a medical association, a clothing boutique, a recording studio, the Playboy Foundation, a public television station, a school library, two public libraries, two advertising agencies, and two bookstores.

Red Door I grew up in a house with a red door in a town called Winnetka which is a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I lived in that house with my mom and my dad and a bunch of cats.

My dad worked in the city and took the train to work every day. My mom was beautiful and loved reading books. Just like her, I loved books too. Harold and Narnia I read everything I could get my hands on, but the two books that were in the life-changing, thank-god-I-found-you category were Harold and the Purple Crayon and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

One taught me how to be creative and the other planted the seed for being a writer. And they both taught me about other worlds, worlds you could escape to and worlds you could create yourself. My dad My dad read to me every night before going to sleep. He would read me Babar and Madeline and Dr. Seuss, but my favorite stories were the ones he made up. He called them Bear Stories and they always featured bears as the hero, with names such as Bruce Bear and James Bear a debonair spy.

When I grew up my father confessed that he had leaned heavily on such literary sources as Rudyard Kipling, Ian Fleming, and William Shakespeare to construct his stories. Best Friend Sue I met Sue in kindergarten and we became inseparable. In each other we found kindred imaginations and would spend endless hours constructing imaginary worlds either with props from the dress up box or with our collection of small stuffed bears.

International Spy. It required a blood oath, the ability to rewrite Beatles lyrics, and a talent for shadowing suspected Russian spies. I still wear my I. Red Door 2 When I was nine my mother sat me down on the front stoop in front of the red door and told me that she and my father were getting a divorce.

Not long after that we moved into the city of Chicago and I lost my dad and my best friend in one fell swoop. Books were my refuge, along with music, especially music by the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Francis W. At first I struggled mightily, being an awkward shy girl from the suburbs amongst all the sophisticated city kids, as well as having never learned cursive writing. But ultimately I thrived in the progressive atmosphere of creativity, curiosity and open-mindedness. Castles As a teenager I went through a phase of painting castles, over and over.

Not sure what Freud would say but I still like to draw the occasional turret. I fell in love with Ireland. I loved the Gorbys, the family I lived with.

I loved the cute Irish boys. And I especially loved Irish fairy tales and folklore, which sowed the seeds for the Songs of Eirren books. Ned In high school I was friends with a talented rock band called Ned and went to all their gigs. Through them, and Sun, another equally talented band, I got to hang out backstage with Three Dog Night when they came to play The Auditorium in Chicago. I still have the vinyl album that Ned cut and when I was looking for a song for the soundtrack of the trailer for my book Ghosting I realized that one of my favorites from the album would be perfect.

California I went to college in California, studying English Literature at Scripps College and learning about surfing from California boys. I did manage to stay upright on a surfboard for a few minutes on the gentle waves at Waikiki Beach on a memorable spring break.

I also went to graduate school in California and got a degree in Library Science. I particularly liked reading books to children. Along the way we had a daughter named Victoria, though we call her Vita. It is the first book in the Songs of Eirren series, and was inspired by Irish fairy tales and folklore. When Vita was in kindergarten I wrote a book about her teacher. It was called Mrs. It is an homage to teachers everywhere and was on the New York Times bestseller list.

One of the highlights of my writing career was the honor of being featured on a 4th of July float in Ohio. I loved the steadfastness and bravery of the heroine who traveled to the very ends of the earth to rescue her prince. I started off by giving her a name--Rose for the compass rose--and I was off and running.

During the writing of East I got to travel to the fjords of Norway and I also did extensive research into the Arctic.

Ghosting was inspired both by my own childhood and the sometimes scary adventures Sue and I would have, egging each other as we played hide and seek in cemeteries, etc. Like East it is told from the points of view of multiple characters, though in this case I chose to craft their voices into individual brands of free verse.

The title has several layers of meaning, ranging from an innocent Halloween game played by children to the act of looking for ghosts. Things I love: England — went on two solo walking trips there; tried very hard to concentrate on Grasmere Lake when I was in labor English pubs — my two favorites are The Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden and a lovely pub on the Thames with twinkly lights in the trees where I had a memorable discussion about the movie Mrs.

Things I collect:.


Fire Arrow: The Second Song of Eirren

Lists Official i. They are both sweeping tales of adventure and magic, set in 16th century Europe. She has also written the New York Times bestselling picture book Mrs. She was born in Evanston, Illinois, grew up in Winnetka, and was a teenager in the city of Chicago where she attended Francis W. Parker School.


Fire Arrow


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